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Change the Account Owner of an Azure Subscription


Every Azure subscription has an Account Owner and a Service Administrator. If you are an Azure Admin and can’t see costs or details of a subscription, you should check if you are the Account Owner, or at least the Service Administrator.

You chan check the Account and Service Administrator in the Azure Portal, Subscriptions, Select your Subscription, Properties:

Change the Account Owner:

To change the Account Owner, you need to switch to the Enterprise Agreement Portal of Microsoft Azure. It’s domain is:   (make sure you type https:// or it won’t work)

Now click on Account and highlight your user. At the end of the line, a small icon will appear, it says Change the Account Owner:

Click on the icon and select your own user as the Target Account. Click on Next and check the Confirmation:

Don’t forget to click Submit. It will take some time until the Owner changes in the Azure Portal. For changing the Service Administrator too, please have a look at: Changing the Service Administrator

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